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The music for SCD is a vital part of the tradition. No music, no dance. The bow/curtsey at the begining and end of every dance acknowledges the musicians and creators of our music.

The music for SCD may sound a bit circular and repetitive, but once you start to dance, you will understand why, and appreciate the hints embedded in it!

Almost all dances have their own music, so  there are tens of thousands of fabulous tunes. Many are very old indeed and there are some famous musicians from the past, and we can enjoy their music and remember them with great fondness.

Music for Dances from 'A Melbourne Miscellany' RSCDS Melbourne Branch

These tracks are original compositions by Campbell Vincent, longstanding group member and immediate past president, to accompany the dances devised by him. They are free for anyone's use and may be downloaded at will.

They are music for six dances from "A Melbourne Miscellany", a book of newly devised dances to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Melbourne and District Branch Inc. of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. 

To download any tracks of this original music click on the track you require and then click on the  download symbol next to the share button (top right).