New Dancers

We love our new dancers! You are very welcome to come to a Monday night class at BNCC.

How do new dancers start? A beginner’s course is ideal, when available. Otherwise, come along and check it out. Beginners are welcome to watch until they are ready to join in.
The group routinely  learns dances from spoken instructions and dances are always walked through, so new dancers get a chance to learn every dance with the group.

Contact Jan on 0432 665145  or Hazel  0400593065 to make sure that it is a suitable night to attend.


So what is so good about SCD?
Well, it’s great fun and a great fitness activity too. Dancers are a friendly and sociable bunch.
Do I have to be Scottish?
No. Most of us aren’t.
Do I need a partner?
No. We dance in sets and the tradition is to swap partners for each dance.
Do I have to wear a kilt?
Nope. The kilt is never compulsory, even on the most formal occasions, like balls.
But I hate bagpipes!
That’s just fine, because there aren’t any in SCD. Fiddles, keyboards, percussion, some woodwind. No sword dance, nooo highland fling and nooooo bagpipes.