Getting Started in SCD

In SCD, there are fast dances (reels and jigs) and slow dances ( strathspeys).

There are only a few steps in SCD and, while good footwork is a beautiful thing, getting from A to B in the set is much more important.

Scottish Country Dance starts with the formations

Formations take 8 bars of music in both slow and fast tempos.

Four figures make up a repeat. 

A complete dance usually consists of 8 repeats. But not always.

Each couple dances every position in the set in a strict sequence.

The most common set is four couples in two lines, but there are many set types....3 couple sets....Five couple sets.....Square sets.  And so on.

The basic figures The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society are beautifully covered  on the RSCDS site.  Formations | Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (  This covers the most important formations in a very accessible way with excellent videos. 

Beginners aren't expected to know anything but if you have a quick peek at this site, your first class will make much more sense. And be more fun.

There are some very well known but easy dances. Many are traditional dances that also appear on dance programs at events.

To really up your SCD game, check these out. Simple Scottish dances | Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (